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May 24, 2010  ( > )
IT Training in Manado

Advanced Training of Information Technology (IT) Team intended to the IT team had been trained on IT in 2009 at Surabaya, as a fulfillment continuous improvement of information technology. Outcome of the training is to improve the competence of human resources that are handle of information technology and the expected impact is to optimize the implementation of drug and food control so that drug and food guaranteed safe, useful and quality through integrated information systems functions online and up-to-date. Such as speech of Head of Drug and Food Information Center, Drs Sukiman Said Umar, at the opening of Training Technical Support at 17 to 22 May 2010 at Hotel Sedona, Minahasa, Manado - North Sulawesi. Training in area adjacent to the Water Park of Bunaken, followed by participants from 30 NA-DFC Provincial Office throughout Indonesia, the theme is Utilization of SIE 2.8 for Effectiveness of Drug and Food Control, relevant to the revitalization of the reporting system as local-central communication to support Reformation of Bureaucracy. The themes discussed follow up to West Rakonreg at Parapat - North Sumatra, 12 to 15 April 2010 and East Rakonreg at Batu Malang - East Java, 3-6 May 2010 to discuss strategic issues, namely BUILDING INTEGRATED INFORMATION SYSTEM REPORTING.

Training Topic of Technical Support Local is focused to the staff who handle information technology at NA-DFC Provincial Office as a supporting agent and organizational needs in line with the government program that is Comprehension Indonesia Go Open Source (IGOS) and installation practices are presented by third persons. Presented this IGOS material in preparation at the central and local in line with government appeals to every institution using Free Open Source in 2011. Discussion continued with the Utilization of Local-Central Information System SIE V.2.8. by the Head of Division Information Technology Dra Rita Endang, Apt, MKes. Introduction of the newest version 2.8 demo given by Irmayanty, SKom and Arief Dwi Putranto, SSi, Apt, MTI. Afterward The Head of Subdivision PKPL present material Introduction of the New Website of NA-DFC more informative and communicative and appealing use of corporate TI team mailing list as part of existence the NA-DFC image.

As a motivator, Head of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Manado, Dra. Indriaty Tubagus, Apt, M. Kes and Head of NA-DFC in Banjarmasin Drs. Adjat Kuswita, Apt shared the advantage of SIE. Head of Na-DFC Provincial Office in Padang, Drs Arafat Madjid, Apt and Head of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Yogyakarta, Drs Endang Kusnadi, Apt, MKes gived successfully tips about utilization of Local-Central Information System in each region.

At the end of the training, Head of Subdivision Applications, Emilia Ekawati Hasanuddin, S.Kom presented the results of evaluation of training and implementation.

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