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May 25, 2010  ( > )
Food Poisoning Outbreak Surveillance Training of NA-DFC at Padang in 2010

One of the main causes of death (mortality) and illness (Morbidity) in Indonesia is a disease caused by food. Although food is one of the major national health problem, is still difficult to establish planning and management of national food security program. One reason is the unavailability of information on proper food safety issues as a basis to decide policy (evidence-based information).

As mandated by the Government Regulation No. 28 Th. 2004, Section 25-28 that the Provincial Health Office, District / City, Central Health Laboratory and NA-DFC is responsible for the occurrence of food poisoning outbreak that is sampling, inspection / testing laboratories, and to review the reports of poisoning cases.

Implementation of surveillance activities related to food safety need to be continuous, adjusted to the needs. For that needed training human resources development (HRD) for food safety surveillance programs that prioritized from the unit which has functions for Disease Control and Environmental Health and directly related to the handling of food poisoning outbreaks.

To occupy the needs of their staff, the NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang held a Food Poisoning Outbreak Surveillance Training from December 23 till May 25, 2010 at the Pangeran Beach Hotel Padang.

In general, this training aims to ensuring the availability of skilled staff in the field of food safety surveillance in regional area. In particular, after this training participants are expected: to improve the ability of personnel (HRD) regions in the field of food safety surveillance and able to disseminate food safety surveillance programs.

These trainees numbered 26 people consisting of:

  • 20 officers of District/City Health Office of West Sumatra.
  • 2 officers of UPTD Health Laboratory of West Sumatra.
  • 1 officer of Provincial Health Office of West Sumatra.
  • 3 officers of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang.

Guest speaker on this training from the Directorate of Food Safety Surveillance & Guidance NA-DFC RI and NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang. Methodology process on this training begins with Opening, Pre- Test, Briefing Material, Simulation and General Discussions continued with the Post Test and Closing.
Training costs charged to DIPA NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang in 2010.
During the training process goes smoothly and the participants appear enthusiastic reception both in material and discussion. From the results of all participants passed the training. At the closing ceremony, The Head of Daily Executive NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang submitted to the material that has been gained by participants can be applied and utilized and formed team of food poisoning outbreaks each regional area to protect public health.

NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang

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