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April 2, 2011  ( > )
Coaching of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang

On  March 31 to  April 1 2011,  NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang was visited by Principal Secretary dr. Hayatie Amal, MPH  with the entourage who accompanied by head of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang Drs. Arafah madjid, Apt, MM and structural official review the entire room and laboratory then continuous with meeting in Padang Arafah Hall with all the Structural Official.

In her speech, the primarily secretary explained that NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang including the top 10 discussing the operational policy in finding the source of the problem and find a solution, where the feedback use to improve the performance. This coaching aims to accelerate the revitalizations process of centre and region role. NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang is the main supervisor where testing is a backbone of control, inspection and investigation is backbone pole, Certification and Consumer Information Service is a lipstick or cosmetic while the administration is a welfare.

The meeting continued the next day on April 1 with Structural Official of all staff where head of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang presented the latest condition of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang and direction from Primary Secretary and entourage followed by a discussion and Q & A and all participants were very enthusiastic to follow with so many questions from participants.

NA-DFC Provincial Office in Padang


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