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April 8, 2011  ( > )
World Health Day Commemoration 2011

In order to commemorate World Health Day April 7 ,2011, the Health Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperate with NA-DFC Republic of Indonesia, WHO (World Health Organization), and several mass organizations do a series of activities with the theme "Use the Antibiotics appropriately to Prevent Germs Immunity". The theme was selected as the recognition of the impact of antimicrobial resistance on public health globally, publics and individuals.

The implementation of World Health Day this year aims to improve awareness of all stakeholders and the public about the impact of antibiotic resistance and its prevention in order to protect the use of drugs for future generations and prevent the global spread of antimicrobial resistance that threaten the effectiveness of drug.

In this series of events, NA-DFC Republic of Indonesia actively participate in various of activities such as seminars and top events that was centered on the National Monument.

Seminar with the theme "Antimicrobial Resistance Containment and Prevention" held on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at Kartini Hall, Jakarta. This event was opened by Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, dr. Endang Sedyaningsih M. PH, Dr.PH. At this also launched Rational Use of Antibiotics Book.

In this activity NA-DFC is participate as an organizers, seminar participants and presents information product in the exhibition forum. On her occasion to visited exhibition, Minister of Health visited the exhibition stand of NA-DFC and get a description of the book Indonesia National Drug Informatorium (IONI) which is expected to be a reference for health workers to get drugs information that are objective, complete and valid.

Health messages from the seminar are the use of appropriate antibiotics as follows:

  1. Use antibiotics only by prescription, with the dose and duration in accordance with the prescription.
  2.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist, which of the prescription drugs that are contain antibiotics and what are the benefits.
  3. Inappropriate use of antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness. Incorrect use, antibiotics becomes ineffective to kill germs. This is called resistance (immunity) of antibiotics, this time many germs that have become resistant to antibiotics
  4. Fever, cough, cold and diarrhea, generally do not need antibiotics but it need the consumption of nutritious foods, drink much and rest. If fever or pain more than 3 days, immediately went to the doctor.
  5. Do not use or buy antibiotics without a prescription or based on old recipes. Antibiotics can’t be used for self-medication because it may cause resistance or other unintended result.
  6. The indiscriminate use of antibiotics without consulting to your doctor will harm us and future generations, because the bacteria become resistant.

Top events of World Health Day Commemoration done by holding a sympathetic action, followed by about 2000 public including the organizations, students, and community bicycle on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at the National Monument, Jakarta.

NA-DFC is participate with providing information services and showing off the mobile car laboratories of NA-DFC Provincial Office in Jakarta. Information officers gave an explanation related to the right use of antibiotics also general information about drug and food control conducted by NA-DFC.  But information that asked many is about how to avoid the use of hazardous substances in food.

It is expected that with this series of activities is public would more understand about the necessity of antibiotics use, so for the future, patients could receive treatment according to clinical needs, in doses appropriate for individual needs, for sufficient time, and with the most affordable cost for self- and their communities. Illustration of the need to use antibiotics appropriately to prevent immune germs, please click the link to a video film of Rational Use of Antibiotics.

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