Sunday, Feb 25,2018   
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Recently, people need an information which can solve their problems related to drugs, food supplement, herbal medicines, cosmetics and food. This is caused by many varieties of drugs which have been produced (therapeutics explosion) by pharmaceutical industry every year followed by product information which the objectiveness is still in doubt. Aside from that, with the growth of drugs products, information related to the drugs growth is also increasing. Until now has been known that there is more than 20.000 medical journals type which are circulated in the world. This Information Explosion can hinder the information user, from choosing the accurate and correct information which can be used as reference.

In Result, we need a drug and food information service to public which can provide the correct and objective information. Drug Information Service which is managed by competent human resources is a necessity that can not be delayed for any longer.

Drug and Food Information Centre (DFIC) NA-DFC as a referral of drug information centre in Indonesia, develop and manage all kinds of drug information service. DFIC also develop information product which can be used as reference in getting the latest and correct information and also become a place to increase competency for pharmacist in providing drug information service. This Drug Information Website is a drug information product which is developed to fullfil the needs.