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Drug and food control undergoes a multifacet dimension and a complex aspect of consequences. Therefore, a comprehensive control system is needed from the early stage of production process to ultimately the use in community.

In order to minimize the risk that may occur, the NA-DFC has three layers of control sub-system :

1. Producer Control Sub-system


Producer should have an internal control system for complying with the requirements of the Code of Good Manufacturing Practices to enable early detection of every product deviation of quality standards. By law, the producer is responsible for its product quality and safety. Any noncompliance with and violation to the related standards may impose sanction, either administrative sanction or pro justicia.

2. Consumer Control Sub-system


The control system by consumers or community is through increased awareness and improved knowledge on product quality and safety for the intended purpose. Self- control by the consumers is most important because at the end it is the consumers who make decision to buy and to use such product. Consumers with awareness and good knowledge on product quality and its intended use, are able to prevent themselves, in one way, from consuming a poor quality product or product not needed, and in another way, to make a producer alert in keeping its product quality good.

3. Government Control Sub-system


The control system conducted by the government includes legislation and regulation, standardization, evaluation of safety, efficacy and quality of products before marketing, inspection and investigation, product sampling in the market and laboratory testing, public warning together with law enforcement. Furthermore, in order to increase the public awareness and consumers knowledge on quality, efficacy and safety, the government also conducts communication, information and education of consumers.

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